What we provide

We deliver individual psychology sessions for people who may be experiencing particular difficulties, or for people who want to learn more about how their life’s experiences have shaped the way they view themselves and interact with others. Some of the common difficulties people experience are included below. However this is not an exhaustive list – if you would like to discuss any specific issues or concerns you are experiencing, please contact us:

- Low mood
- Anxiety
- Eating difficulties
- Bereavement or loss
- Stress
- Specific phobias
- Traumatic experiences
- Self-harm 
- Dissociation
- Physical illnesses or pain
- Anger
- Relationship difficulties
- Social withdrawal

We also provide consultation and supervision to professionals working in mental health settings.

How we work

We provide opportunities for individuals to understand how some of their life’s experiences have affected the way they see themselves and others, and how they may find themselves ‘stuck’ in certain patterns. We also support people to think about the things that are currently causing them distress or difficulties, and how to make positive changes to these.

We use an integrative approach in the way that we work, which means that we use different psychological models and frameworks. This is because we believe that the approach should fit the individual’s needs, rather than the other way around. Some of the models we draw on include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Compassion Focussed Therapy, and psychodynamic theory.

Some of the things we might talk about include:
Your relationships with other people, and with yourself.
Any significant or important events that have happened in your life.
What you enjoy or value in your life.
Any thoughts, feelings or behaviours that are causing you concern or worry.
What you would like to change, or be different, in your life – and what gets in the way of making these changes.



Initially we offer a free 10 minute telephone consultation, to discuss what type of support you would like from us and whether we are able to help you. For information on the cost of any of our services, please contact us. These rates can vary depending on requirements. We also offer discounted prices for those on low income.

Individual psychology sessions will typically be offered on a weekly basis. However, we recognize that not everyone can commit to this, and we do offer flexibility to discuss meeting less regularly.


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